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Arnold Lolaev offers:
- Creation of portraits and pictures to order
- Interior Design
- Design of exterior, landscape design
- The small architectural form
- A stucco moulding and a modelled decor
- Manufacturing monuments
- Training painting

(A workshop of the artist)

Ностальгия 1 - Oil Painting hand painted of artist Arnold Lolaev
Ностальгия 1
Painting, oil on canvas

Picture gallery

Artist Arnold Lolaev / Our works /

The Conference hall

The Relief on a theme history of medicine

  • The Relief on a theme history of medicine

    The Deep relief on a stone for a conference of a hall in the Russian oncological center in Moscow.
    Total area of a composition of 90 square meters, height of figures of 4 meters.

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20.09A Images from Stocks
Ref images with links there
21.04New painting:
Lilac Oil and Acril on canvas/cardboard with levcas
18.02New paintings in our gallery
12 new paintings are added.
16.12The section the Stucco moulding Is added
The Stucco moulding is a new section about creation of stylish and graceful interiors.

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