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Arnold Lolaev offers:
- Creation of portraits and pictures to order
- Interior Design
- Design of exterior, landscape design
- The small architectural form
- A stucco moulding and a modelled decor
- Manufacturing monuments
- Training painting

(A workshop of the artist)

Утренний туман - Oil Painting hand painted of artist Arnold Lolaev
Утренний туман
Painting, oil on canvas

Все публикации о живописи и искусстве

02.08For Sale by Owner
We would like to pay your attention at the website and to get to know some more information of FSBO.
31.08Publications about art
It is planned to prepare and publish reviews of a theme of painting and a sculpture, and also announcements of exhibitions.
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20.09A Images from Stocks
Ref images with links there
21.04New painting:
Lilac Oil and Acril on canvas/cardboard with levcas
18.02New paintings in our gallery
12 new paintings are added.
16.12The section the Stucco moulding Is added
The Stucco moulding is a new section about creation of stylish and graceful interiors.

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